Decorating New Homes

Building The Dream Part 5
AS I WALKED UP THE STEPS to the house on Johns Island, I saw a pair of socks lying on the doormat. For me, I wondered? I was dressed for the occasion of seeing the nearly completed house, and I was pretty certain I-d be asked to remove my shoes to protect the brand-new floors. As I took off my shoes, Yvonne Buchan opened the door and welcomed me before apologetically explaining the socks to me.

North East Residents Love The Carolinas And Read Carolina Homes And Interiors
IT COMES AS NO SURPRISE that people forced to endure the sometimes brutal winters in the Northern and Central areas of the United States often fantasize about warmer climates; this is exactly where Linda Newsome found herself one early spring day in frigid Caribou, Maine.

East Cooper Decorative Hardware
For many, the true character of a home is captured in the details. The books that line the shelves, the art on the walls and the mementos on the tables all speak volumes about who lives here. An increasing number of homeowners are expressing themselves in the hardware they choose.

Return to The Stone Age
Once designed to be functional rather than beautiful, kitchens and bathrooms have emerged to play an integral role in the overall value and appearance of today-s modern home. Few aspects of a house have the potential to impress people more, according to Frank Fernandez, president of BC Stone.

Inner Beauty: Hardware Specialist
You might say that Christine Foxworth Reilly is a hardware expert. No, she won-t come to your house to fix your computer issues, but she can help you add the finishing touches to your home. Start with a visit to Foxworth Decorative Hardware-s inviting showroom in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where you-ll find an amazing array of options for every room in your house.

Barstools: The Best Seats for the House
There was a time when the mention of bar stools conjured up images of wobbly, uncomfortable seats immersed in cigarette smoke and reeking of beer. No more. With today-s open floor plans, people gravitate to the kitchen and perch on bar stools. Bar stools have become hip ... or is that cool?



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